In this era where the world is taken over by social media, where you will find every other finger running on the keypad of Whatsapp, where the inbox of your Gmail is overflowing with messages the real mail box has nothing but cobwebs filling the empty space.

With the advancement of science and technology communication has become easier and faster but somewhere deep down the essence seems lost. Although the world has been enveloped by these sources but the magic of the real envelope still can’t be denied.

What is letter?

Literally speaking, a letter is a written message that you send to somebody. It is the oldest communication source and plays a vital role in connecting two people. Not only had it acted as a medium of communication but also as a source of passing information. Even after coming up with so many other sources of communication letters haven’t lost their existence. “Old is Gold” – the saying rightly fits here.

How letters surpass other communication sources?

Many new communication sources came up after letters. Telephones that connected people instantly and they did not have to wait for too long to communicate with their loved ones. With further advancement came social media sites like Facebook, Orkut, and Instagram that made communication even easier and free of cost. People could easily connect to each other across the globe. Apps like Whatsapp and Telegram added to the advancement and dropping messages became way easier. But despite this they could not rejuvenate the charm of letters or postcards.

The most beautiful part of a letter is that it is hand written. It builds a connection at a different level. It could be preserved. The telephonic conversations vanish in the air quicker than it takes place. The messages on social media or apps are mostly informative or casual but letters carry the real emotion that one holds for another. Waiting for the letter and the one for a reply builds the bond stronger. Since one knows the time it would take to reach one pours out all the humble and genuine feelings in it.

Other Aspects

Writing a letter is no less than an art. It determines your skill of weaving your emotions in words. It also shows one’s ability to converse well and maintain a healthy relationship.

It preserves authenticity. The downfall of this art has been lamented for centuries and its revival is always looked forward. Letter writing is regaining its form in today’s time.

The world today has become machine based. Most of the work is done on machines. The connection with pen and paper has become a long lost dream. Letter writing keeps this trait alive.

It is a personified way of showing up at someone’s door. The words in a letter are as informal as in a conversation. Your voice should echo in their ears when they read it.

Letters and postcards are thus like old wine which starts just getting better with time. It is the best surprise you could ever give to your loved ones.